Most Blessed Trinity Academy

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Students are taught the value of technology in today's world, as well as the importance of internet safety.  We expect our students to use computers appropriately at home and at school. The 25 station Condic Computer Lab is available to teachers in grades Pre-K through 8th grade. Jr. High (7/8th) are assigned chrome books during the school day. That are used across the curriculum. Chrome books are also available for classroom use in grades 4-6th.


Fine Arts: Art is taught by an art instructor once or twice a week in grades Kindergarten through 8th grade.


Physical Education:  Students participate in gym once or twice each week (depending on grade level) for 45 minutes. Gym classes are held with a variety of activities to engage students. Activities include team sports as well as strategic team building games. Each game is used to develop lifelong skills like fair play and cooperation. Grades second through eighth grade participate in the Presidential Fitness Challenge. This is a National program that helps the student develop goals to reach an overall fitness level. Students are required to wear a gym uniform and proper athletic shoes to participate in gym class.

Library:  The Academy library is a fully-equipped, 10,000+ title established library.

Religion:  Religion is taught daily in all grades. Emphasis is placed on a personal and communal relationship with God and with each other as children of God. Basic beliefs of the Catholic tradition are taught. Opportunities for prayer services and other forms of liturgical activities are provided. Opportunities for community service are provided and are seen as essential to a Christian life.