July 14,2022

Dear MBTA families:

In one month, teachers will already be back in their classrooms preparing for your child's arrival for the first day of the new school year on Tuesday, August 16th! However, there is still time to enjoy the warm weather, and to enjoy time together with family and friends.

The school calendar for 2022-2023 and the school supply list are posted on the website.

Some of the stores already have school supplies for sale!

There will be a new, sparkling clean and exciting look to our school building before school begins! The outside of the building, including the windows, will be power washed and new, bold banners will be on the windows that will let everyone who drives by know what an amazing place MBTA is-YOU already know that!

The Technology Lab is in the process of being converted in to a STEM Lab. This will be an important addition to our school's curriculum as we prepare students for their future education and their life.

Each week your child has spent time working on Math and Reading in the iReady program.

iReady is a requirement of the Office of Catholic Schools and gives the teachers excellent information regarding areas of strengths and areas that need to be focused on for improvement. The results from iReady are now an important piece of every students school record and our eighth graders high school application. It is really important to take it seriously every single time! This year, teachers will be sharing your child's iReady progress at parent-teacher conference time so that you too can support the work that goes on in the classroom at home. Working together, as partners, is the MBTA way!

We need to be reminded that the COVID virus is taking on new forms which means we have to continue to be cautious and be responsible for not only our own safety but that of others.

Enjoy the remainder of the summer!

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us.

Dr. Saccaro

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