May 25, 2022

Dear MBTA families and friends;

By now you have seen or have heard of the unfathomable horror and tragic killing of the children and staff at a Texas school, Robb Elementary School. We cannot imagine the safety and loving care that is a school, being shattered by a shooter.

Please know that MBTA has a Crisis Intervention Plan that has been reviewed by both the Waukegan Fire Dept. and the Waukegan Police Dept. Our plan covers all scenarios including an active shooter.

We have practice drills throughout the year at which Fire and Police are present to watch the time it takes to evacuate, and how we shelter in place. The students always know it is a practice drill but it needs to be taken seriously even though it is " pretend." The classroom teachers are responsible for their class and insuring that the students understand the importance of being silent and following all directions given to them-both in and outside the building.

You have heard me say, "Safety is our number one priority; our own safety and that of others." Please spend time talking with your child about what happened today in Texas-an extra hug would be a good thing as well. Remind them too that practice drills at school are always to be taken seriously.

Tonight, tomorrow and for days to come we will be exposed to pictures of the devastated families who have lost a child or love one. Let us lift them and those they lost in prayer. Let us not forget the shooter's grandmother who was also shot. Difficult as it may be, as Christians and followers of Jesus, we also pray for the young man who appeared to have lost hope.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us.

Dr. Saccaro

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