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October 12, 2022

Hello MBTA Parents,

It was wonderful to have so many of you and your children in the building on Friday to discuss progress with their teachers. Thank you for following up on all the helpful information that the teachers gave you at conferences. We are already seeing some positive effects from these meetings!

As many of you know, in the past, Halloween has been a pretty quiet day around MBTA, but Day of the Dead has been a more celebratory day! This year, Day of the Dead will continue to be celebratory - information will be coming home from the teachers regarding what types of activities will be taking place - but we’re going to spice up Halloween a bit for our youngest students.

Halloween -

The Men’s Group from St. Patrick’s will be serving a hot dog lunch to all MBTA students once again this year!

Pre-K - 2nd grade students may bring their costumes to school and will dress up for the afternoon only. Please have the costumes school friendly; avoid bloody, gorey costumes; weapons are not allowed even if they are plastic and coordinate with the costume; face masks are not allowed.

3rd - 5th graders can dress in orange and black for the entire day

6th - 8th graders may bring candy to pass out to the youngest students of our school - Pre-K through 2nd - as these students parade through their classrooms. (This is not a requirement - it’s just an option).

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