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I like the teachers, they have been so nice over the past year. They are really friendly. My
classmates are always nice and they will help you when you need help. The classroom is always
filled with laughter. We have a lot of fun throughout the day.          

         -MBTA Student


Why A Catholic Education?

Catholic schools in America have a long and proud tradition of educating children for over 100 years. Catholic schools educate the “whole” child. What does that really mean? It means that students are taught academic subjects (Religion, English, Math, Science, etc.) and Art, Music, P.E., and Technology. But most importantly, our students learn what it means to be a son or daughter of God and a member of the Catholic faith.


As followers of Jesus, our students understand that a Christian means learning to be kind, respectful, caring toward oneself and others as Jesus has asked of us. It also means sharing the unique talents and abilities that God has given us, and doing our best work in every subject every day. 


The students participate in daily morning prayers, attend and actively participate in Mass each week, go to confession, and prepare to receive the sacraments. Students also learn how to pray the rosary, the role of saints, special religious holidays and devotions. Religion is taught in every grade every day.

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