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Daily Schedule

MBTA Student Life

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Christian Service

MBTA students actively participate in the community and the surrounding area providing Christian service at various locations.


Opportunities have included:

  • Food Pantry, Northern IL

  • Food Banks

  • Feed My Starving

  • Children Bernie’s Books


Additionally our school hosts wide food drives, box tops and mitten & glove drives to provide help for those in need.

Sports Activities

Our MBTA student athletes and those of

St. Anastasia’s join together to form boys and girls competitive teams.

Sports Teams:

  • Volleyball

  • Basketball

  • Soccer

Spiritual Life

As a Catholic Christian school, MBTA begins each day with community prayer first thing in the morning. Students are reminded daily that we are to be kind, respectful, act with care and look out for each other, as Jesus asks us to do.

Every student participates in religion class everyday and attends our weekly school mass at IC.


In the spring of each year, our baptized Catholic second graders are prepared to receive the sacraments of Reconciliation (Confession) and First Communion. In eighth grade, after attending an annual Confirmation retreat, our baptized Catholic students are prepared for the sacrament of Confirmation. 

During the liturgical seasons of Advent and Lent students and staff participate as a part of religious instruction.

Christian Service
Sports Activities
Spiritual Life
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