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Most Blessed Trinity Academy (MBTA) has so much to offer your children! Tuition is $4600 for your first child. Depending upon the number of additional children in the family, the tuition rate per child decreases.


Generous Financial Aid and Scholarships are available to all eligible families. Read below for details on applying. 


In honor of military service, MBTA is proud to offer Great Lakes military families an automatic 5% tuition discount. 

MBTA is proud of its graduates, and offers a discount to the family of alumnae.


If you are interested in enrolling your child at MBTA, please contact us via email here or by phone to ask questions or to schedule a tour.


We look forward to meeting and welcoming you to our school!

Financial Aid

A quality Catholic education is an investment in your child's future.  

At MBTA we recognize the financial sacrifice our families make to give their child a private school education. We are committed to providing and making financial assistance available to current and new students. 


It is our goal to find a financial solution for every family that values a high quality education. Financial aid is available based on the financial need of each family.


An application is required along with documents verifying personal income. Example: IRS 1040, Illinois 1040, W-2 or 1099, a letter from the employer.  


Current families receiving financial aid must re-apply to receive financial aid each year, annual renewal is not automatic or guaranteed.  As long as a family continues to demonstrate need and is in good standing, MBTA will continue to attempt to meet that need. 


To be considered for financial aid you are required to:

  • complete an online application through FACTS

  • submit all financial documentation requested through FACTS

  • have your current year tuition in good standing

  • ​register your child for the year you are applying for financial aid


All information is kept confidential. If you have any questions about financial aid or the process, please contact the school at 843-623-4110


We believe every child deserves a high quality education. We currently provide scholarships through the generosity of our donors, friends, alumni and the Big Shoulders Fund.


A number of our families also receive Tax Credit Scholarships (TCS) each year. TCS can provide students a scholarship that covers half or potentially full tuition depending on a family’s income level. Applications open each January and when application  information is available, it will be listed here. 

Tax Credit Scholarship Applications open in early January for two different Scholarship Granting Organizations: Big Shoulders Fund and Empower Illinois.  Be prepared to apply at both portals as soon as they open to give you a better chance of receiving a TCS! 

For more information:

Big Shoulders Fund:

Empower Illinois

Tax Credit Scholarship (TCS)

More Information

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